Helping you gain real business value from your data.

Appletree Technology specialise in software development, API design and turn-key solutions to make effective, real-world use of data. We focus on turning the ugly, messy reality of data into an approachable and valuable asset to enhance your business.

Industries we have worked with

We have worked with many major players in the UK and European rail industry and have unrivalled expertise in the realities of the data landscape of the rail industry.
Public Transport
Aside from our deep expertise in rail, we have worked in the area of public transport more widely, including the worlds of buses, metros, ferries and planes.
Open Data
We have a sophisticated understanding of the power and challenges around Open Data and have worked with a number of organisations to help them harness this force for good.
Public Sector
We have worked with a range of Public Sector clients from Local Authorities to Government Departments. We understand the unique challenges this sector faces.

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